Kate Hudson is an 'old school' dater

Kate Hudson is “old school” when it comes to dating and has

Kate Hudson is “old school” when it comes to dating and has so far resisted the urge to join a match-making app.
The currently single actress – who was previously married to musician Chris Robinson and was also formerly engaged to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy – has said she doesn’t understand the interest in dating apps such as Tinder, Raya and Bumble, and thinks it is “crazy” how many “celebrity types” are signing up to meet people online.
She said: “What’s crazy is that there’s a lot of, you know, celebrity types on these dating apps, which kind of makes you go, maybe … no. I can’t imagine. So, you look at a guy, he’s hot, and then you see his profile and you’re like, ‘Maybe I’ll text him or maybe we’ll match,’ and then you start texting and then it just goes away. Like, all your girlfriends seem to maybe go to lunch and then it’s like, ‘What happened to that guy you met on Raya or Bumble and whatever else?’ ”
The ‘Deepwater Horizon’ star – who has son Ryder, 13, with Chris and son Bingham, five, with Matt – thinks it’s far better to “meet a guy in Starbucks” and talk to them face-to-face, rather than through a phone.
Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’, Kate, 37, said: “I just think, why don’t you just meet a guy in Starbucks? Why don’t you just go up to someone and why doesn’t a guy have the guts to come up and say, ‘Hey, I’m so-and-so. How about we hang out?’ Maybe I’m old school, but I’m alright.”
Previously, the ‘Almost Famous’ actress said she likes to keep her love life out of the spotlight for the sake of her children.
She said: “The reason I don’t talk about anything like that is because I have kids. People ask that question as if, ‘Oh yeah, it’s really healthy to publicly talk about who I am or am not dating when I’ve got a tween.’ [Ryder] can read, and he can hear. I’m not going to indulge in that kind of thing until there’s someone in my life who I am introducing to my kids.”

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