Amy Adams on her 'crazy' Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Amy Adams thinks getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk

Amy Adams thinks getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is “crazy”.
The 42-year-old actress is set to be honoured with the 2,589th star on the famous sidewalk in Los Angeles on Wednesday (11.01.17), and has said she never thought she’d get to this point in her career as her father always used to ask her how she could “buy one” of the prestigious stars.
Speaking on ‘Jimmy Kimmell Live!’ on Tuesday night (10.01.17), the ‘Arrival’ actress said of the honour: “It’s crazy. It’s like one of those things when you think about being an actor and think about moving to Hollywood, I can remember my dad being like, ‘How do you buy one of those things?’ I finally figured it out! But no, it’s really cool.”
And the ‘Justice League’ star – who has six-year-old daughter Aviana with her husband and fellow actor Darren Le Gallo – has invited her whole family to watch the ceremony.
Asked if her family would be in attendance, Amy said: “Yeah, more or less. Not everyone could make it, but I’m from a really big family.
“I have four of my seven siblings so there’ll be five of us there which is a pretty big deal. And my mom, and a lot of friends, and my daughter, and my husband. Yeah it’s going to be fun! I’m excited.”
Despite her excitement for the event, the ‘American Hustle’ star hasn’t prepared a speech because she “only just figured out” she had to say anything.
When asked by host Jimmy if she’d prepared a speech, Amy said: “No I actually only just figured out I had to speak.
“I sound like I don’t know anything but when I get really busy I just sort of live in the moment. So I kind of find things out as they’re happening, which works for me.”

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