Bonang’s Book Got A Super-Extra Twitter Drag – But Was It Fair?

Twitter’s reaction to Bonang Matheba’s recent book, From A to B, was as extra as Bonang herself. The book has been criticised for bad grammar, pages have been screenshot and edited by users and major shade has been thrown. It’s also started a conversation about South African literature, editing, and unconditional fave-worship in the face of mediocrity.

Twitter was brutal:


But some people came to her defence:



A strong counterpoint:


Standards are important and we shouldn’t dismiss them when it comes to our faves:


And a reminder to not be patronising:

Twitter doing the publisher’s job for free:


It’s true that the blame doesn’t lie entirely on the celebrity. Spelling and grammar should be checked by a proofreader – this wasn’t Bonang’s job. The publisher is definitely to blame for the many errors in the book.

Also, she has other strengths, guys.


And when all is said and done:


Bonang is not the first person to write a bad book. The media personality is getting dragged the way she is because she’s famous and a brand. And unfortunately, people like to see beautiful, powerful people fall. But in fairness, the book is pretty bad.

Still want it in my book collection, though, because, well, talking point.

Originally published on Marie Claire South Africa

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