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Wearing stuff that’s better suited to clubbing is a no-no. Find out if you’re an offender.

A funny thing has been happening on the way to the office: A lot of young women have been shedding their clothes and sexying up their outfits – so much so that seductively-dressed interns are being called ‘skinterns’, and this dressing-down-and-daringly craze is raising eyebrows. Several large companies have reinforced or updated dress codes to ban midriff-baring tops, slip-slops, sundresses, halter tops, mini-skirts, and ‘spandex-type materials’, amongst other things. Wearing stuff that’s better suited to clubbing is a no-no. Find out if you’re an offender.

Dressed To Thrill Some career experts think this trend of dressing sexily for work has as much to do with showing independence and non-conformism as with choosing purposely provocative clothing. ‘It’s more of a generational issue, sort of an entitlement that says, "I march to my own drum. I’m proud to be my own person,"’ says Tory Johnson, founder of Women for Hire, a recruitment services company in the US. Especially with people who are recently out of school or university, says Johnson, ‘They want to dress for who they are, not necessarily for their work environment.’ Twenty-somethings may feel that way at this moment in history because ‘they are being told by the media that they are in the power seat,’ says Caitlin Friedman, co-author of The Girl’s Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch) (Crown Business). ‘The celebrities who get lots of press coverage are in their twenties,’ she explains.

Then, there is simply the clueless factor: With casual Fridays spreading to every day of the week, it’s hard to know what to wear anymore. ‘There’s a new frontier of what is casual,’ says Sarah Sardella, benefits manager at the search firm Monster.com. ‘It used to be that you were expected to wear pantyhose, a skirt of a certain length…. but there are no clear-cut guidelines anymore. Blend that with the current flesh-baring fashions and you have young women wearing slip-slops, mini-skirts, and midriff tops to work.’ Clearly people are taking notice… and many disapprove.

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