The Zodiac of Teamwork pg1
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The Zodiac of Teamwork pg1


Bet you didn’t know that you have tigers, pigs and roosters in your office? Before you call the SPCA, read on – according to the Chinese horoscope, the year in which we were born corresponds to the characteristics of a particular animal, and has a marked effect on one’s personality (no wonder things get messy from time to time!). But knowing what animal signs you and your colleagues are, and recognising everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, can go a long way towards promoting harmonious working relationships. Whether you’re best described as dependable and ambitious (the ox) or astute and flexible (the rabbit), everyone has something unique and important to contribute.

‘There is no doubt that working effectively within a team environment comprised of different personalities is an art form,’ says Kim Meszaros, marketing executive at Kelly Recruitment. ‘The secret lies in understanding and appreciating that each person has different and important strengths to contribute to the smooth running of the workplace.’ A person born under the zodiac sign of the tiger, for example, is colourful and passionate, which are positive qualities when engaging with clients on a social level. Need to make an impression and clinch the deal? Send the tiger forth to conquer…

By contrast, the snake, who is a deep thinker and softly-spoken, might be better placed in a desk-bound position where the power of their minds can be put to good use, while the pig who is honest, gallant, sturdy and sociable, but can also be naïve, over-dependent and self-indulgent may need some friendly supervision to stay motivated (this sign shouldn’t work from home or according to strict deadlines, as they often have trouble completing tasks on time). They may also need a bit of nudge to make it up the career ladder.


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