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Smarten Up Your CV pg1


For an employer, reviewing a stack of CVs is often like being a guest judge during the audition rounds of Idols. If you want to win favour with the judges and make it to the final three, here’s how.

It’s important to tailor your cover letter specifically to the job you are applying for. Like the recurring comments Idols judges use (‘It was too pitchy’ or ‘It wasn’t your best song choice’), job applicants can also lack creativity and initiative in their choice of words. Many candidates vaguely state, ‘I believe I am suited to this position,’ leaving a potential employer to wonder, ‘Which position is that? The one I have advertised, or the other ten that you have also sent your CV out for today?’ Employers are looking to hire someone who is interested in their company specifically, and the advertised position. In place of the word ‘position’ in your cover letter, it’s best to list the job title as it was advertised. For example, ‘I believe I am suited to be an online writer for’ – then go on to explain how exactly you are suited to that position by listing the skills you have acquired during your education or previous positions. If you can’t do that, the position is not the right one for you and you’re wasting both you and your potential employer’s time.


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