Promotion, DIY-Style
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Promotion, DIY-Style


YOU WANT: More responsibility.
GET IT BY: Speaking your manager’s language.
Tread carefully here: some bosses respond positively to go-getters, while others may feel threatened. Hine says, ‘Show you can be trusted by getting your work done first and then volunteering on other projects.’ By listening to and mirroring your boss’s language and negotiation skills, you’ll be getting him on your side on a subconscious level.

YOU WANT: More respect.
GET IT BY: Showing a corner office attitude.
A-grade managers use intuitive flair in dealing with anyone. Show your star potential by making an effort to get along with colleagues you’d usually avoid. Ask about their interests and what assignments they are working on. ‘Not only does it give you insight into other areas of the company, it will also make people warm to you,’ says Hine.

YOU WANT: More money.
GET IT BY: Looking for it somewhere else.
If your efforts to get a pay rise have been unsuccessful, think laterally. ‘Find out if your company freelances out any tasks that you could take on in your own time to earn extra cash,’ advises Hine. You may end up with more cash and diversified experience.

YOU WANT: Recognition in the industry.
GET IT BY: Faking it until you make it.
If you want everyone to think you’re a success, start acting like it! ‘Watch someone that you admire in your field and decide what sets them apart. Then mirror it,’ says Hine. Treat clients as your manager would and they’ll not only think you’re a force to be reckoned with, they might just want to hire you themselves.

From John Hine, author of The Smart Way To Get What You Want (Living Skills Today)


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