How To Fireproof Your Job pg5

Everyone’s getting retrenched in this lousy economy. Here’s what to do to cover your ass.

Not everyone’s job in jeopardy. If you’re the boss’s favourite, the top salesperson and the office whizzkid all rolled into one, then…. well, actually you could still be laid off. So, whether you think you’re pretty secure or living with the axe hanging over your head, you need to employ these five keep-your-job strategies.

Employees are an investment, and finding new ones costs money. So, when it’s time to decide who needs to go, managers are more likely to choose people who are halfway out the door anyway. That’s why making it clear that you want to be a part of your company’s future is a good way to ensure you’ll be there when it arrives. ‘Pick five people with whom to share your goals,’ Lantz suggests. ‘They should be a mix of colleagues and managers. By sharing your objectives, you’ll draw the right kind of attention to yourself.’ Employees are often afraid to be open about their desires for advancement, but if it’s done tactfully, you have nothing to fear and lots to gain.

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