How To Fireproof Your Job pg2

How To Fireproof Your Job pg2


Not everyone’s job in jeopardy. If you’re the boss’s favourite, the top salesperson and the office whizzkid all rolled into one, then…. well, actually you could still be laid off. So, whether you think you’re pretty secure or living with the axe hanging over your head, you need to employ these five keep-your-job strategies.

With the economy as bad as it is, there’s a good chance the people around you are also worried about their jobs… and that includes the ones who are giving the orders. So it’s more important than ever to make it clear that you share your boss’s goals and are able to do what it takes to achieve them. ‘A great way to ensure job security is to invest in your manager’s success,’ says organisational-development expert, Mike Cook, author of Thrive: Standing On Your Own Two Feet In a Borderless World (St. Lynn’s Press). ‘Many people look at their boss as an obstacle. However, if you take the opposite viewpoint and become invested in your boss, he or she will naturally become invested in you.’

In other words, you need to become indispensable. Figure out exactly what winning would mean to your office seniors – beating last year’s sales figures or landing an elusive account. Then, show your boss that you have all the tools to make it a reality: skills, information, and the willingness to work. It may mean doing some cross-training on your own time to, say, become an Excel guru. But the eventual rewards will be more than worth it.


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