How To Fireproof Your Job pg1
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How To Fireproof Your Job pg1


Not everyone’s job in jeopardy. If you’re the boss’s favourite, the top salesperson and the office whizzkid all rolled into one, then…. well, actually you could still be laid off. So, whether you think you’re pretty secure or living with the axe hanging over your head, you need to employ these five keep-your-job strategies.

Put yourself in your boss’s shoes for a moment. If you had to give someone the axe, whom would you choose: the upbeat go-getter who has a smile for everyone, or the sad sack who’s just punching the clock and using up the Ricoffy? Productivity and salary are, of course, major factors when it comes to trimming staff, but don’t underestimate the value of a positive attitude. ‘Making the best of everything instead of complaining is exactly what the higher-ups want to see,’ explains Gayle Lantz, author of Take The Bull By The Horns (WorkMatters Press). Ask for constructive feedback from managers, and request to be put on any projects that interest you… even if it means taking on some extra work.


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