Beat The Office Bully pg2
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Beat The Office Bully pg2

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Wouldn’t work be lovely if your colleagues were your best friends and supported you through thick and thin? Sadly, we know that’s not always the case: just as you can’t choose your family, you can’t choose your colleagues. So what can you do if you work with someone who’s intent on making your job harder? Many of us have worked with a person who makes our job difficult, says personal and professional development specialist Dena Michelli. Perhaps they blame you for their mistakes or cast you in a bad light. You should take it as a compliment, as people behave like this when they feel threatened. Alternatively, if the office schemer is making your life a total misery, here are some tips on how to fight back…

Stealing Your Idea ‘This is a difficult situation to deal with but you have to speak out,’ advises Michelli. ‘Be proactive and go to your boss before he/she comes to you. Attempt to find the reason your colleague has done this, then ascertain the best way to tackle it. Perhaps confide in a trusted colleague. If your boss comes to you first, don’t be defensive. In these confrontational situations, ask for time to go away and think about the allegations before making your point. Remember, you need to show yourself in the best possible light.’
Bad-Mouthing You To The Boss
Faking Friendship


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