Are You Stuck in a Sucky Job? pg4
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Are You Stuck in a Sucky Job? pg4


Complain about your job these days and you’re likely to get a lecture about gratitude – as in, be grateful you have one. Well, yes, but you can’t spend eight hours a day being miserable. So use these tips to make your job more fun and maybe even more rewarding.

Improve Your Workspace If you’re bored stiff with your daily tasks, ask for more. Seriously. When you hear of projects you wish you were working on, tell your boss you’d love to join in – even if it means taking on extra work. If you lack the skills for those kinds of assignments, develop them. It could be as simple as asking to be taught. ‘People aren’t getting raises, so managers are looking for other ways to reward high performers,’ says Penelope Trunk, author of The Brazen Careerist (Business Plus). ‘Ask for training and you may very well get it.’ Best of all, any new skills you learn will put you in a much better position to score that next job when the recession eventually ends.
Talk Amongst Yourselves
Maximise Your Downtime


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