Are You Stuck in a Sucky Job? pg3
Cosmo Editor

Are You Stuck in a Sucky Job? pg3

- Cosmo Editor

Complain about your job these days and you’re likely to get a lecture about gratitude – as in, be grateful you have one. Well, yes, but you can’t spend eight hours a day being miserable. So use these tips to make your job more fun and maybe even more rewarding.

Improve Your Workspace Step away from the computer. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US recommends taking a break from your screen every half an hour to prevent repetitive motion disorder and eyestrain. And you should never eat at your desk, says Joanna Penn, author of How To Enjoy Your Job ( ‘You’ll feel there’s no boundary between your private and professional lives.’ Bring food from home – it can be cheaper and healthier – and, if possible, eat outside; according to the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, sunlight can sometimes help fight depression.
Talk Amongst Yourselves
Maximise Your Downtime


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