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Zuma Announces Fees Have Finally Fallen ... or Have They? Here's What You Need to Know

Zuma Announces Fees Have Finally Fallen ... or Have They? Here's What You Need to Know

#COSMOTALKS #RhodesWar: 'We’re Not Going Down Without A Fight' - Busang Senne | 14 December 2017 | 01:53pm

When you string the narratives from social media together, it

CAMPUS Will the UCT Law Faculty Close? - Busang Senne | 17 November 2017 | 04:44pm

UCT's law faculty has six months to get its sh*t together

#COSMOTALKS Why Are Women Getting Naked in the #FeesMustFall Protests? - Busang Senne | 03 November 2017 | 05:46pm

Does my naked body embarrass you?

CAMPUS Rape Culture on Campus: Two Students Brutally Assaulted at NMU Ignites Protest - Busang Senne | 05 October 2017 | 10:01am

Enough is enough and South African students are demanding institutions

CAMPUS Get Your Creativity on with adidas Originals - COSMO | 29 June 2017 | 04:31pm

Here’s your chance to express your creativity with adidas Originals!

CAMPUS Fund That Life: What is the NSFAS Student Loan and Do I Pay it Back? - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 02 May 2017 | 10:16am

For starters, you'll likely have to pay it back

CAMPUS Fund That Life: This Bursary Website Will Change Your LIFE - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 02 May 2017 | 10:11am

It has all the funding info you'll ever need

CAMPUS 8 Varsity Situations That ALWAYS Require Coffee - COSMO | 31 January 2017 | 04:47pm

Coffee is love. Coffee is life.

CAMPUS 7 Unwritten Laws of University Life - COSMO | 24 January 2017 | 12:14pm

You need to know.

CAMPUS 9 Things Nobody Tells You About University - COSMO | 17 January 2017 | 11:43am

You can thank us later.

CAMPUS The 4 Most Terrible Varsity Lecturers You've Definitely Had - COSMO | 03 January 2017 | 01:05pm

Sorry – they're unavoidable.

CAMPUS Exams Are Over and Rage Has Begun! Here's How to Stay Safe During the Party Season - COSMO | 01 December 2016 | 04:55pm

Make sure the best part of your year doesn't turn sour.