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Willeen le Roux

28 July 2012

You just want to have fun today, and adventure is calling. There could well be tension between what you want to do and what have to do - aim for balance. Luckily, your ability to get on with everyone today means no-one will get hurt. Love is warm and passionate, and romance wins - even if it means telling him what you want.

Being at home with family and helping everyone will make you feel secure and happy this weekend. Don’t become tense or worry about whether your career goals are bringing in enough money - unless you feel it’s time to move on, that is. Think carefully first. You need your man to encourage your flamboyant passion.

Your easy smile and femininity hides a tiger today! You are highly diplomatic, but if anyone challenges you, then the claws will come out. You’ll be very happy to join your man, whether watching football, mountain-biking or any other adventurous sport. Love is an art today.

Passionate, fiery and obsessive, are you just too hot to handle today? Your libido is burning, and needs to come off the boil - but with a man who appreciates your magic! It could be total over-indulgence. Finances are still at the back of your mind, and Jupiter is helping, but overwork could damage your health.

Even more optimistic than usual, you just don’t stop. A brisk walk, exercise or having a wild adventure will help. You are ready to take risks with everything, but do be careful! Freedom to travel, dance and be yourself is exciting to your man - as long as he doesn’t expect commitment.

Your love of stability is given a jolt today as you suddenly want freedom and an adventure or two. The problem is that in your usual practical way you could have chosen solidity and power over your dreams. Let real love set you free to indulge in fun sex as well as passion.

You want pleasure this weekend! Adventure and freedom call and nothing (and no-one) will stop you. Your friends follow your vivacious love of life and so you can expect a fun-filled and exciting weekend. But will your man understand this fiery, explosive energy? With such ecstatic sex, he will.

Your loving help is awarded to everyone who needs it, but this weekend you follow a different vibe - more independent, more vital and far more adventurous. You’d love your partner to come along but if he wants to stay home, that’s fine too - as long as you can do what you want. Fabulous, messy and loving sex rules.

This weekend you have the fire, the energy, the need for fun and adventure and all the crazy new ideas too - but you expect everyone else to do the hard work and the organising. Luckily, all your admirers are lining up to do your bidding. Your partner has to be practical and tough, and there’ll be both loving and living.

You have an added passion and zest for life this weekend, but just make sure it won’t cost you as you do need to watch your money at the moment. You expect him to treat you like an equal, but with added money-making skills, strength and romantic gestures. Take a risk in love.

Have you decided what kind of man you really want? Yesterday it was earthy passion, today he has to be action man, taking risks and having adventures as he mirrors your needs. Saturn is warning you to be cautious in love as in everything else. If you’ve found your soul mate, though, nothing else matters.

It would be easy to fall into the self-pity trap, but you can call on this weekend’s offering of fire and energy to help keep you buoyant and able to negotiate life’s maze. Use your energy to re-organize your home, your wardrobe and your cupboards. Sensual flirtation rules your love life, but it’s turbulent.
Author: Denise Capel
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