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Willeen le Roux

19 July 2012

With your renewed energy and enthusiasm, it’s a great time to get your body into shape, especially if the cold is encouraging a carb overload. An exercise program is essential. It’s important you look after your own interests, especially to do with career and your home – be positive! Sensual charisma rules.

If you feel a spiritual as well as sexual connection with your man, he could easily be the long-term relationship you’ve been waiting for. Take time out if your moods are swinging – you could be feeling a bit fragile and over-sensitive. Just explain to colleagues and friends; they’ll understand.

Old friends, new friends – your social life is buzzing. Mars is warning you not to overspend, and to be very careful with your finances and investments. Don’t be impulsive - it won’t hurt to hear what the experts have to say. You give and need emotional comfort today as you are extra-sensitive to your man’s needs.

The New Moon is encouraging your feminine side, and you might be a bit more emotional than usual but still affectionate and flirty. Your intuition helps you to know what everyone wants, and so you find it easy to say the right things. Career-wise, though, you are ready to fight for your rights. It could be a battle.

The New Moon urges you to promote yourself and your own interests in a more spiritual way. Travel is well starred now, whether starting a journey or planning your next trip. Stress and tension could make you ill – avoid arguments with siblings and neighbours. Emotions rule your sex life which is totally erotic.

Your sexual activity increases with the New Moon. Rather than being too intense and even obsessive, let romance and fun rule. It’s time to go after what you want, but don’t waste your energy on the impossible. Being kind and helpful rather than too aggressive will make things easier.

Close relationships are the focus of the New Moon and you could receive the offer of a new job, promotion, a marriage proposal or meet a potential new partner. Life is full of exciting new possibilities, so be confident and do what’s right for you. Your sexual fantasies can be wild – tell him what you want.

The New Moon is urging you to get your diet and exercise plan into gear, and with your increased energy this should be easy to include as part of your daily routine. When you feel fit and healthy, your work becomes easier and more efficient, and your sex life is transformed, too. Avoid accidents on the road.

Being overly sensitive to everything going on around you, especially the needs of your lover, making today very special, and there are no limits. Fitness becomes more enjoyable, and dancing seems far more fun than a session on the exercise machines. Just don’t overdo it. Don’t make uninformed investments.

The New Moon is energising property negotiations, and buying, selling, décor, and moving home are all emphasised. This is a good time to discuss moving in with your partner and talking about serious matters with your parents as you are more intuitive than usual. Drama in your love-life brings mind-blowing sex.

You are in the mood to take care of everyone today, though just might be a bit too bossy and talkative with the man in your life. Discus health matters with a professional to relieve any stress. It’s time to look after your own body as well as everyone else. Routine work can be very relaxing, even if it's a bit dull.

Moodiness could affect your lovemaking if there are differences with your man over finances. Instead of stressing about it, it’s time to talk. Try not to overeat or drink too much alcohol as it could end in an argument or fight. Never mind, spontaneous and fun sex will soothe your nerves.
Author: Denise Capel
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