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14 October 2012

Even more than usually reliable and dependable, if you don’t achieve perfection in everything you do, you’ll end up totally stressed out. Relax! You are a natural healer; try healing yourself. Your love life is more confusing than ever. Don’t over-analyse.

You could meet a potential marriage partner through social or business groups, especially if he shares the same goals and values. It’s all very exciting; just don’t rush in to anything you could later regret. Share and enjoy the deeply sexual feelings. Remember to stay in control of your life – financial independence is important.


The way you work towards career success is the focus. Though it might seem unorthodox at first, take a few risks by trying out something new and exciting. A complementary health therapy could help you relax and de-stress. Be involved in neighbourhood activities if you want to make new friends.

Your love life could undergo some changes as you meet or start a romance with someone from a different background or country. You are in the mood for excitement and adventure; just don’t take too many risks! Work-wise, when you follow your passion you find it easy to make money.

You find it easy to succeed today because you’re able to see the bigger picture. You are also able to sense what’s really going on, and can then adjust quickly both at work and at home. You look at all the facts, but could easily reach the wrong conclusions as not everything is as it seems. Earthy sex suits you both.


Confusion reigns - do you want solid security and possessions, or do you want something new and exciting? Balance is needed. If this involves your present boyfriend, it’s time for a long talk using all your sensitivity and perception. Great sex doesn’t necessarily mean a great marriage.

The emphasis is firmly on your love life and other relationships, and your efficiency means there doesn’t seem to be a problem with your finances. You are even ready to give up your personal freedom, though the worry is losing your sense of self, and what makes you unique and special. Think carefully before you commit to anything.

You’re the leader at work, knowing exactly what should be done, how to do it and how to delegate to everyone else. Your creative talents become more interesting, unique and exciting and will make your career even more of a success as long as you work on both the big picture and the small detail. There’s not much time for love.

Always practical and organised, you use your creative energy for your work. Use this same creative energy in your love life and friendships – they are ready to listen and go along with your innovative ideas. This is a good time for a weekend break with your favourite man.

Conflict could arrive if you need to be at home but actually want to see your career flourishing – or, you have work commitments when you are needed by your family. This conflict could make you feel confused and uncertain. Aim for balance. Don’t worry if your love life is a bit flat – it’ll get better soon.


Making money from your career looks promising - the question is whether to go with facts and figures or to use your intuitive knowledge. A little of both will take you much further. This is a good day to talk to your boyfriend about important issues. He’ll hear you! Uninhibited sex satisfies.

Money is the issue today, and you feel the need to make as much as possible as the future seems so uncertain and confusing. You have the ability and the skills to earn whatever you need as long as you are efficient and organised. You expect your man to bring love, romance and a fat bank account to the relationship.

Author: Denise Capel
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