Your Lip Balm Might Actually Be Bad for You *Gasp*

Think your lip balm is protecting and soothing your lips? Think again…

We all want to have soft, kissable lips, and many of us apply lip balm regularly to prevent chapping. However, the shocking reality is that most of your regular store-bought brands are actually bad for your lips. ?

Ever noticed how, for a couple of hours after applying balm, your lips feels amazing and moist, but then your lips start feeling dry again and you need to apply some more? You’re not imagining things – they are designed to do this, and it all boils down to the ingredients.

Most of the popular lip-balm brands claim to contain all sorts of vitamins that are great for keeping your lips in good condition, but one of the main ingredients is one that is not only bad for you when ingested, but isn’t great for the outside of your body either – and that bad boy is petroleum. This is a derivative of coal and oil and, rather than absorbing into the lips and nourishing them, it acts as a barrier and dries out your lips instead. This means that it is having the exact opposite effect of you want and, in using these products, you’re actually doing more harm than good. So now what?

Fortunately, you have plenty of options when it comes to beauty products and, now that you’re armed with the right info, it makes it easier to find products that your lips will thank you for. Before buying a new balm, make sure you read the ingredients label to make sure that petroleum is not listed – most organic skincare brands prefer to go the natural route. Cocoa butter, beeswax and coconut oil hydrate your lips, so opt for products with these ingredients and prepare to pucker up!

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