Want to Make a Statement this Summer? Colourful Hair Speaks Volumes

Live the rainbow 🌈

Everybody’s doing it and you want to do it too. Colourful hair, whether it’s bright or pastel, is never NOT cool. Need proof?

Check out local lovely @kimlyn_makeuphair giving us ALL the hair goals…

Despite what you may think, it is possible to have brightly coloured hair regardless of your hair texture. It’s all about creating a blank canvas first by bleaching your tresses before adding colour for the best pay-off. Even most blondes have to lighten their hair before they start plopping on the dye. True story. And it’s best to have this done at a salon.

Thinking of doing this yourself? Bear this in mind:

1. Bleach is damaging to the hair. Fact. This means that you might need to bleach your hair in stages ad stagger it over a few days so that your hair doesn’t break and fall out. Check out this tutorial for guidance:

2. You will need to invest in products that may be a bit pricey but are worth it to keep your hair moisturised and in the best condition possible. Hair masks and deep conditioners need to become your new BFF. Because dry colourful hair just doesn’t have quite the same impact.

3. This should go without saying, but always follow the instructions on the box, whether it’s the bleach or the colour, carefully. They are there for a reason and that reason is to protect your hair. Better safe than sorry!

4. You need to prep your bathroom before you even THINK about going near bleach or dye, because there is going to be a lot of mess. Use old towels and put newspaper or black bags on the floor to make cleaning up easier.

5. When it comes to bright hair colours, they are going to fade. There are currently no permanent dyes in colourful shades available. Sad. You can add some of your colourful dye to your conditioner to extend the life of your colour, but know that it won’t be forever. Enjoy it while it lasts (and take plenty of selfies!)

Ready to take the colourful plunge? Here are the products that will help you get there:

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

A firm favourite with punks and hipsters alike, this vegan hair dye has a massive range of colours, from brights to pastels.

Nak Colour Masque Vintage Rose Conditioner

Not only does this product give your hair a subtle temporary colour, but it conditions your hair as well, leaving it feeling as good as it looks.

Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Crazy Color is not only really easy to use – it also come in shades ranging from neon to pastel and even metallics. Talk about options!

Label.m Blue Highlighting Toner

Your bleached blonde looking a bit meh? Spruce it up with this spray which adds a subtle blue colour and shimmer to your locks.

Renew Perfect Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

The new range by Renew has colours such as blue, pink and purple, and comes with a pre-lightening kit so that you can prep before you dye.

Go forth and unleash that inner unicorn!


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