Is It Time to Chuck Your Old Makeup?

Are you ready to clean out your beauty cupboard?

This one goes out to all of you who have shelves and cupboards full of makeup, thinking you’re sorted for the next few years. Think again!

Truth is, we’re all guilty of keeping our makeup products longer than we should – we have our favourites that we want to last forever. Sadly, you can actually be doing serious harm to your skin by using products that have expired.

Here’s exactly how long you should wait before throwing beauty products out.

Nail polish: two years
You can usually tell when your nail polish has had its day: it’s thick and clumpy and doesn’t blend. It also smells funny, you struggle to get it open, and it’s harder to apply. Chuck!

nail polish


Lipstick: one year
It’s safe to keep lipstick for about a year, but an easy way to tell when it’s done is the smell. It develops that old oil smell – that’s usually a sign to chuck.



Mascara: three months
The reason the expiration date for mascara is so short is because you use it on your eyes – and bacteria love to live in these pretty tubes. We know we’re not supposed to double dip, but we do; that’s asking for an eye infection.



Foundation: liquid 12 months, powder up to 18 months
You’ll start seeing changes in colour and texture, and know it’s time to chuck. Powder foundations could last for 18 months – they contain no oil. Just remember to clean your brushes regularly.



Blusher: powder two years, cream up to 18 months
Powder blushers could easily last two years because they contain no oil. A good way to judge when to chuck ’em is when the colour darkens, or it becomes cakey. Cream blushers can be kept for up to 18 months – just remember to keep your hands clean and throw the product out when you notice a change in texture.



Time to clean out those beauty closets, ladies…

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