Stress and Your Skin pg1

Stress and Your Skin pg1


Here, new strategies for quelling the breakouts tense times can bring on.

1. Your zits don’t budge.
A stress-induced spike in cortisol weakens your skin’s barriers, so it’s easier for bacteria to enter and clog up your pores. On top of that, when you’re under constant pressure, your immune system becomes compromised which makes it more difficult for your body to clear up acne.
Fix: Use a gentle exfoliator, like Biore Pore Unclogging scrub, to slough off dead skin, and apply a salicyclic-acid spot treatment twice a day to dissolve tough blemishes. In the meantime, cover up zits with an acne-fighting foundation.

2. You have tired eyes.
When you’re anxious your blood vessels constrict which slows circulation. That, in turn, can lead to fluid build-up under your eyes. Emotional duress also drains the colour from your complexion, making purplish undertones more visible.
Fix: Apply a cooling eye gel with caffeine to shrink inflamed areas, and pat a pink or peach-based concealer – or even cream shadow – under the lower lids to counteract darkness.

3. There’s no life to your skin.
Your system functions less efficiently when you’re under pressure, so skin layers build up, causing your complexion to appear dull. And if you’re working late nights, you might not be taking off your makeup, leaving residue on your cheeks and forehead.
Fix: Wipe your entire face with a pre-moistened towel that contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that brightens and rids excess build-up. Then rub on a vitamin C serum.

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