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Craving big, beautiful, boy-baiting eyes? No problem. Some simple liner and shadow tricks can make ordinary orbs look out of this world.

Silver Corners ‘Placing a dense, dark colour along your lash lines will make the whites of your eyes look even whiter and totally pop out,’ says Murphy. To pull off this strategy, go for a rich navy liner.
But first, since you won’t be wearing any shadow for this effect, make your lids look flawless by using a nude shadow base or concealer to cover up any redness.
Now rim your entire top lash lines and the outer halves of your lower lash lines with a well-sharpened navy pencil. ‘Don’t connect the lines at the inner corners or you will close up the eye,’ warns Murphy. Run a cotton swab over the liner to blend the colour between your lashes, and don’t forget mascara.
Navy Liner
Shades of Bronze
A Lilac Wash

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