How to Protect Your Skin When You Party

Live your best life without your skin showing it.

If we had pick the best time of year to party, the gap between Christmas and New Year has got to be it. South African summer is in full swing, your entire squad is on vacay or leave, and your wardrobe is decidedly fire-emoji courtesy of festive gifts or, if you’re lucky, that bonus! Party season does, however, come hand-in-hand with a touch of overindulgence… Which isn’t exactly good news for your skin. Once again, Environ has you covered. Here are their top 5 quick-and-easy tips to enjoy the party life without your skin knowing it or showing it.


Imagine makeup that didn’t spend the night plotting to wake you up with a life-ruining zit, but rather protected your skin while you partied.

What’s that sound? Oh nothing, just Environ entering on its trusty steed – the Even More™ Range.

Containing essential moisturising ingredients, antioxidants and vitamin E, Environ’s Cover+ Concealers and Hydra+ Foundations offer light, even coverage and leave your skin looking beautifully flawless.

Take our money!

Your party makeup essentials.

Your party makeup essentials.


Look, we all know that your first post-party-port-of-call is usually McDonald’s or the 24-hour Woolworths Engen – but before you pass out face down in a (large) packet of cheesy fries, you’re going to need to wash your face.

Sweat, makeup, club grime, alcohol and smoke result in an icky recipe for sad skin and the sooner you get rid of them, the better. Whatever you do, DO NOT (we repeat, DO NOT) go to sleep without washing your face. Unless you want your face to resemble that triple stack pizza you just inhaled in the back of an Uber on the way home.


This point is so important that we thought we’d make it twice. Partying does not equal glorious skin, and you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to cleansing after a big night out. Because we feel so passionately about this, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you.

  1. Pre-cleanse your face to fend off those accumulated club-based nasties. We love Environ’s Sebuprep which works hard to both help remove impurities and to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Apply liberally to your face and massage with your fingertips, targeting affected areas for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Remove excess product using your Environ cleanser of choice and tepid water. For blemish-prone or post-party skin, we recommend Sebuwash. It’s specially formulated to remove excess surface oils without drying out your skin.
  3. Tone, tone, tone! Environ’s Original Revitalising Toner is a mild fruit acid toner which helps to refine the skin’s texture while refreshing and rejuvenating it for a gorgeous natural glow.
  4. Protect against damage with a dose of antioxidants (try Environ’s Antioxidant Gel) and don’t forget to moisturise with your Environ Vitamin STEP-UP™ SYSTEM moisturiser of choice.

Environ B-Active Range


Alcohol paired with fast foods and sugary mixers tends to have a dehydrating effect, to put it mildly. This explains that all too familiar my-face-feels-like-I’ve-been-stranded-on-a-desert-island dryness that sets in the morning after the night before.

Drink tons of water. And keep your skin extra moisturised. If you really mean business, try Environ’s Super Moisturiser+ – this creamy, soothing moisturiser contains ingredients that rehydrate dry skin leaving it looking healthy and beautiful.


Not only is sleep truly glorious, it’s also really good for your skin. Don’t fall into the trap of living off three hours of sleep and a man-can of Red Bull.

sleeping woman with pink hair and pink blanket




Environ is sold exclusively through Professional Skin Care Centres. Click here to find your nearest stockist.

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