Perfect With Papaya
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Perfect With Papaya


Elemis’ new Papaya Enzyme Peel will have your skin glowing with health and vitality.

Dull, winter skin? Polish your way to smooth perfection with the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. This innovative peel uses the natural fruit enzyme, Papain, extracted from crushed papaya and pineapple, to gently dissolve superficial dead skin cells. Blended into a natural milk protein base, the enzymes give the treatment peel superb moisturising properties and helps to restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Smooth this exfoliator over cleansed skin and leave for 10-12 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth, and your skin will be left feeling beautifully smooth, nourished and vibrant.

In addition, the enzymes work instantly without the need for rubbing, making this the perfect choice for mature or delicate complexions. The result? A unique treatment exfoliant that surrounds the skin in the exotic fragrances of papaya and pineapple, and which leaves your complexion glowing with health and vitality. Available at cosmetic outlets nationwide.


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