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The latest makeup and skincare tips from Cosmopolitan. Our beauty experts give you the best natural makeup & skin care tips for women.

5 Cleansing Mistakes You Have to Stop Making

5 Cleansing Mistakes You Have to Stop Making

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Even those of us with oily skin can benefit from applying treatment oils.

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We may feel invincible in our twenties, but that doesn't

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Some hassle-free skin care tips for all you lazies out there.

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Impossible? Think again!

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Live your best life without your skin showing it.

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Are you ready to clean out your beauty cupboard?

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Clueless on what to buy your ride-or-die? We're here to help!

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All the red lipstick inspo a girl needs!

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These will keep your immaculate contours and highlights intact for hours.

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Big event? Bigger zit? Environ's got you covered!

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Christmas gifting has never been this easy!

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What to do when you've spent a little too much time in the sun.