New Hipster Blogger Crystal Kasper Shares Her Environ Skin Care Journey with Us

Find out what she says after month one!

Crystal Kasper’s glam blog New Hipster Style and her Instagram feed always manage to captivate us, especially with her always-on-point outfits, flawless makeup and hair in every pic. She doesn’t talk much about her beauty and skincare routines, so when we heard she was doing a four-month skincare journey with Environ, we were super-curious to find out what she had to say about her skin, and how she’s doing after month one.

Crystal talked to us about the skincare worries she has, how Environ skincare has worked thus far, and some of the healthier skincare habits she’s hoping to build on in the future. She’s never used vitamin A (Environ’s cornerstone ingredient) on her skin before.

What are your feelings about putting Environ products to the test?
I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I’ve never really had problem skin other than the occasional break-out. But I’ve read (and heard) really great things about the products. My main goal is to maintain healthy – and healthy-looking – skin, and this is what Environ guarantees to do.

Describe the condition of your skin at the moment, and your concerns.
My skin tone is mostly okay, but I have spots on my chin from a really bad break-out. I would say uneven skin tone and dark spots are my biggest concern.

Tell us what you imagine your perfect/ideal skin would look and feel like.

  • Even tone
  • Spot-free
  • Healthy glow
  • Soft and firm

Since you’ve started your essential skincare routine and first dose of vitamin A, have you seen or felt any changes?
My skin is definitely a lot more even. It looks and feels radiant, and my spots are not as dark as they were.

What products are you using?

  • Sebuwash
  • Revitalising Toner (Original Range)
  • Sebuspot
  • Firming Eye Gel (Original Range)
  • Debut is my Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ Moisturiser from the Original Range
  • Balancing Masque (Original Range)
  • Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15

What are some of the lifestyle factors that have played a role in your skin condition?
I think the regular break-outs could be a result of a bad diet.

Do you have any concerns about using vitamin A on your skin?
Not at all. Vitamin A is the oxygen skin needs to be healthy.

So, we heard you experienced your first facial treatment ever at the Environ Skin Care Institute. Tell us about your experience.
The institute is absolutely amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and warm. I had the most amazing first-time facial. I was guided through every step of the process, and learnt so much about the brand, products and my skin. My skin felt like it had been reborn – so fresh and soft. 

At first look, what is your impression of the Environ brand?
I love it. I love that its cornerstone is the pursuit of a beautiful life. Environ is not just here to give us a quick fix; it’s about going on a lifelong journey to ensure a beautiful life, which everyone deserves.

Do you believe your skin will improve?
Definitely! I’ve already seen a tremendous improvement after using the products for a month.

How important is it to you to have beautiful, healthy skin?
Very important. Having beautiful, healthy skin is a major confidence and self-esteem booster.

So, once your skincare is taken care of, how do you live beautifully in your everyday life?
I can live beautifully by spending a lot of time with my family, living in the moment and doing what I love.

Follow Crystal’s progress here, or visit her blog to discover more about her skin journey with Environ.

Find out more about Environ and the ah-mazing benefits of vitamin A for your skin. Environ is sold through Professional Skin Care Centres.

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