Good To Glow

Good To Glow


1. Apply a sheer, lightweight foundation to even out your complexion.

2. Using a medium-sized blusher brush, dust shimmer powder over the tops of your cheekbones and along the jawline.

3. Use a fingertip to run the residual shimmer powder along the spine of your nose (especially if you want to make it look slimmer). Pat a little into the well of your Cupid’s bow to create the illusion of plumpness.

4. Apply a lip gloss or lipstick that contains sparkle – the finer the particles, the subtler and more sophisticated the look.

5. Dab a metallic shimmer powder over your usual eye makeup on the lid over the bail of the eye, above the iris.

6. Dust shimmer powder or rub shimmering lotion onto your décolletage, focusing on your collarbones and cleavage.


* The most important thing about applying shimmer is getting it on the right bits. It will highlight trouble spots so take extra care with concealing and neutralising these.
* Make sure you use the right amount: too much and you look like an oil slick.
* Shimmer is great for highlighting the planes of your face. Focus on the areas that are prominent. To check which these are, makeup artist Sylvie Hurford advises standing directly beneath a hanging light and checking in a mirror to see where the light naturally falls.
* Although it’s not a strict rule, gold generally looks best on pale skins, while copper suits olive skin and silver works well with dark skin.
* Choose a nail varnish with a high-gloss shine, or use a high-gloss top coat over a pale-gold or pearl polish on short, neat nails.


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