Fragrance Facts pg1

Here’s how to maximise the beguiling and seductive power of scent.

Unlike most products, fragrance doesn’t come with instructions. You’re just supposed to know things like: How much should I spritz? Why does the scent disappear? And why does something smell amazing on a friend, but like toilet spray on you? So, we rounded up your most frequent scent questions and put them to the best experts around – not only top perfumers but people who actually study scent for a living. Here they are.

A: ‘Applying a body lotion or cream with the same scent as your fragrance followed by applying the fragrance itself will make the scent last longer without it becoming too strong or overwhelming,’ says US-based Estée Lauder expert, Karyn Khoury. ‘I’ve had people do the layers on one arm and spray the fragrance alone on the other and compare. They always see the difference in the strength and longevity with the layering technique.’

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