Does Shaving Your Face Improve Your Skin?

This could shave some time off your beauty routine

Facial shaving has, for a long time, been the domain of men and woman would, if they noticed a stray hair, reach for the tweezers and either apply some bleach or go for a wax if they felt that their upper lip was a bit on the fuzzy side. Lately, however, a trend – which has made it’s way over from Japan and has been popular throughout Asia for a long time – is having woman shaving their faces. But it’s not to get rid of any hairs as much as it is to improve the condition and appearance of their skin. What?

Dermaplaning, as it’s called, removes small hairs and exfoliates your skin, leaving it smoother and helping to prevent blocked pores. While there are potential pitfalls, such as ingrown hairs, stubble and razor rash, your hair will not grow back thicker or darker, and it can help to keep your skin blemish-free.

Don’t believe us? Famous beauty vlogger Huda Kattan revealed that she has been doing it for years and that it is the secret to her flawless makeup application. This movement has become so popular that there are even gadgets, such as Dermaflash, which the manufacturers claim is the revolutionary way to exfoliate. There are also smaller, long-handled razors that are meant to be more gentle than the regular variety and just as effective. While these haven’t landed on SA shores yet, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before we also jump on the dermaplaning bandwagon.

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