3 Ways to Keep Your Skin A-Mazing this Summer

3 top tips for keeping your skin A-Mazing this summer, courtesy of Environ!

Aaaah, summer. After-work drinks that turn into surprise Big Nights Out, short shorts and sun dresses to DIE for, pool-side afternoons with your besties. The list is endless, but we can all agree that it’s the absolute living best. The catch? All those late nights, hours spent in the sun and general best-life-living can take their toll on your skin. And if there’s anything that can ruin an epic summer vacay, it’s going back to work looking like Donatella Versace. But we’ve got you, gurl. We’ve teamed up with Environ to help us help you keep your skin looking gorgeous this summer. It’s a pleasure.


Vitamin A to your skin is the equivalent of Beyoncé to Destiny’s Child. Basically, your skin needs it to remain on top form. In fact, it’s the only known molecule that promotes healthy skin and combats ageing – keeping it radiant and helping it to be #RebornBeautiful. Winning!

Without getting too scientific, vitamin A is super important to the maintenance of beautiful skin. It occurs naturally in our body, but our natural reserves are depleted daily by that little thing called life. Exposure to the sun, city living and other environmental stressors all play a part in depleting those oh-so-important vitamin A reserves.

This is bad. This results in ageing and other nasties like pigmentation and, uh, skin cancer. We don’t mean to be the party pooper but everyone, every day suffers from a vitamin A deficiency. All that time you’re spending at the beach / drinking Pimm’s on the lawn / getting lit at festivals isn’t doing wonders for your vitamin A levels. So what’s a girl to do?

In short, get your vitamin A on as soon as you can! Environ’s range of unique Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ moisturisers are packed with vitamin A and other amazing ingredients. Start on level 1 and step up as your skin gets used to increased levels of the good stuff. This is when you’ll see and feel your skin be #RebornBeautiful.

Our fave variations are Debut from the Original Range and their Ionzyme® C-Quence Serum 1 and Crème.

Environ Moisturisers

A-mazing Vitamin A!


If you had to choose ONE beauty rule to stick to for the rest of forever, wearing sunscreen would be it. Seriously fam, this is SO crucial.

Environ offer two great Sun Care products – RAD SPF 15 and Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15. Both are super fab because they a) protect your skin from sun damage and b), are enriched with antioxidants that provide awesome after-sun care for your skin.

Environ RAD SPF 15 and Alpha Day Lotion

Environ RAD SPF 15 and Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15


And no, we don’t mean Join-Crossfit-And-Never-Eat-Anything-Other-Than-Kale-Smoothies (although props to you if that’s your trip, we guess…). We’re talking about caring for the skin on your body.

For some weird reason, we tend to focus all of our energy on keeping our faces looking beautiful – forgetting the rest of our bodies and often subjecting them to terrible skin crimes.

NO MORE! This summer, we’re pledging to give ALL OF our skin the love it deserves. A good starting point would be Environ’s Body Range. Say good-bye to dry, flaky, rough and sun-spotted skin! Their Derma-Lac Lotion and Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil are a power duo that work together to enrich and replenish the skin –leaving it soft, silky and luscious like the coat of a baby Labrador. Aaaaw.


Environ is sold exclusively through Professional Skin Care Centres. Click here to find your nearest stockist.

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