#OwnYourCrown: 'You're Not a Rebel for How Your Hair Grows'

Rapper and poet SHO MADJOZI shared her hair journey with COSMO

In the October issue of COSMO, we talk to five local influencers about their personal hair journey. Here is what crazy-talented rapper and poet Sho Madjozi shared with us.

What were some distinctive hair experiences you had growing up? How have they influenced how you perceive your hair now?

When I was four, my aunt left relaxer on the table and I put it on my hair without knowing that it has to be washed out. My hair fell out and didn’t grow back for a year. After that, I obviously never relaxed my hair again!

Photo Credit: Aart Verrips

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self about your hair?

I would say you should forget about schools telling you your Afro is untidy. You’re not a rebel for how your hair grows. They’re just racist.

What is your attitude towards society’s continual bias against black women’s hair, particularly in the professional realm?

Luckily, my career blossomed at a time when the natural-hair movement had already taken root. Thousands of girls sent me pictures of a hairstyle they said I inspired. It makes me happy to know that ‘African-inspired’ is also considered beautiful now – that African can be glam and sexy. It used to be that African meant ‘deep’.

What’s your go-to hair product?

It’s not a product – it’s my hair braider. She knows what to use and what to do. Shout-out to Princess Ndlovu, a real queen.

Do you have any hair-disaster stories to share?

After my hair saga at the age of four, I never relaxed it … intentionally! But when I was 13, a woman at a hair salon put relaxer in my hair. They thought I would like it if my hair was straight. I had to cut it off and start again.

Photo Credit: Aart Verrips

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