The Nail Files

“What is a girl do with so much inspiration and so many cool ideas?”

Nails nails nails. Pages filled with classy, fashionable nail trends (April 2012, pg 131) grabbed my attention. What is a girl do with so much inspiration and so many cool ideas? I had to go “nail art” shopping that same day for a few goodies to get my supplies up to date and add some colour to my somewhat dull collection. With hubby gone for the weekend, it was a whole weekend of nail pampering. My experiments include bright colours, glitter nail enhancement, using stickers and little diamonties.

Friday night my nails were glitter and glam to fit my cocktail dress and Saturday my nails were trendy and blended well with my jeans and sunglasses. Sunday my nail art was cute as a button and grabbed the attention of many. Needless to say, I now have a nail art addiction and a new hobby.

Cosmopolitan translates what is relevant to a savvy female audience. It is a well balanced read that is never boring. Thank you for adding some colour to my life!


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