Nail Dos and Don'ts
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Nail Dos and Don'ts


When it comes to nail care, prevention is better than cure. Keep your nails perfect with these simple tips.

Do coat the outside of the nails with polish or ridge fillers to help protect the nail and prevent breaking and splitting.

Don’t push the cuticle back too far, and trim only the part that has started to lift away from the nail.

Do clean all nail implements and change your nail file often. Bacteria and other microbes can get transferred by the nail tools you use, causing infection or harm to the matrix.

Don’t use your fingernails to open letters. This destroys the cuticles, which destroys the nail matrix and affects nail growth and strength.

Do apply hand cream frequently, especially after you’re done washing your hands, and pay attention to the cuticle area.

Don’t overuse nail-polish remover. Use a minimal amount on the nail, and avoid getting too much on the cuticle and skin.

Do wear gloves to protect nails and cuticles from housework, gardening and washing dishes.

Don’t leave an ingrown nail untreated, as infections can cause long-lasting damage to the nail. Disinfect the area regularly, and if the infection persists visit your GP.


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