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My First Mani: an Introduction to the Gel Life (but Better)

My First Mani: an Introduction to the Gel Life (but Better)

#COSMOTRIES #COSMOTries: the Staying Power of Budget Nail Polish 💅🏽 - Helen Wallace | 28 July 2017 | 10:34am

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A visual guide to every single shape and style.

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Say it ain't so!

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Brighten up your mood with Sally Hansen

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Forget expensive manis and go DIY

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Prosecco-flavoured nail polish is here to fulfil your champagne dreams

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Shine bright!

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Ever wondered what the difference between 'gelish', 'shellac' and 'acrylic' is?

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Get ready to straight-up SLAY the nail game, guys

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A trend that let's you create the look of chains and charms on your nails.

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You may not be ready for autumn, but your mani will be.