Your Sexiest Hair Colour Ever pg1
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Your Sexiest Hair Colour Ever pg1


Find the perfect shade to play up your eyes, skin, and lips.

Rule Of Thumb: If your eyes are a cool hue (blue or light green), pick a base colour with similarly cool undertones (pale blonde, strawberry blonde, brown, or sandalwood). The same deal applies if your eyes are warm-based (brown, hazel): Go for a colour with equally warm undertones (caramel, dark chocolate, rich auburn).

Why It Works: Shades that are found in the irises of your eyes (nicknamed ‘eyelights’ by colourists) pick up the pigments in your hair, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter, explains colourist, J Antony.

Also Keep In Mind: Don’t dye your strands too close to your scalp – it’s best to leave a small amount of space. ‘Showing a little bit of root is the key to bringing depth to your eyes and keeping the overall feel natural,’ says salon owner, Kim Vo. If you’re painting on colour at home, coat your roots with a regular conditioner to block the dye from absorbing into this area of your mane. Shine is also essential for making your eyes sparkle, so spritz on a styling product that increases lustre, like a shine spray.


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