Trend Report: SA Winter Hairstyles

Click here to spill the beans on what hairstyles will be in SA trending come winter time.

Winter is around the corner, which means sprucing up your winter beauty and fashion game. Thanks to Instagram, we’ve been able to keep a close eye on what hairdos are creating buzz locally. Scroll down as we spill the beans on which hairstyles will be trending around winter time.

What’s IN?

winter hair

Via: Pinterest.

  1. Balayage – Jessica Biel is a great example
  2. Lobs, bobs and effortless hair – loose hairdos, with a half-done appearance
  3. Full fringe
  4. Box braids
  5. Low ponytails with a middle parting
  6. Low buns with a middle parting

What’s OUT?

winter hair 2

Via: Pinterest.

  1. Ombre
  2. Very long hair – this includes extensions
  3. Perfectly curled and sculpted locks
  4. Large, high buns
  5. High ponytails and buns

Loosen Up a Little

This winter is all about loose, carefree hairdos – styles that aren’t too structured. Low-maintenance styles are preferred so this means short cuts like lobs and bobs – a hair trend that’s become quite popular in recent months thanks to Kim K, Ellie Goulding, Margot Robbie and Rita Ora.

rosie huntington whitely lob


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Less Is More

Slick, perfect styles are so last year. Accept flyaways and minimal styling as the more natural your hair appears, the better.

Bang Bang

naomi campbell jourdan dunn


Full fringes are back! We’ve seen celebs like Lerato Kganyago make the move back to fringed weaves. Opt for a shoulder-length weave to replicate the classic lob style, then add strong bangs, take a selfie and watch everyone swoon over your modern, trendy winter do.

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