Your Hair Can now Stand the Heat!

A busy life is no longer an excuse to neglect your hair!

A busy life is no longer an excuse to neglect your hair, and one of the biggest hair crimes is the damage we do to it when we use heat tools without spritzing our hair first. A moment of spritzless-ness, can leave a world of damage.

But life happens, and Toni & Guy get that, which makes the Toni & Guy Infusion straightener (R549) your perfect companion.

It allows you straighten up that hair and be fly, by delivering heat protection mist though the ceramic plates. And it has a magical auto tune shut off so that your stove is the only thing you’ll have to remember to switch off. The 230 degree variable temperature means you can make the heat work for you.

For soft, tousled curls

Step One Take a small section at a time and clamp half way down the hair shaft turning the straightener back on itself. Keep the straightener at and angle and keep moving down the hair shaft

Step Two Spray your hair with hairspray (not too much) to make sure your curls don’t drop.

Step Three For loose, tousled waves, gently run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls.

For sexy straight

Step One Make sure your hair is completely dry and clip up the top half of your hair into a bun.

Step Two Using a comb, pull out a small section of hair as taut as possible whilst smoothing a flatiron along the section.

Step Three Start at the roots of your hair and move down smoothly in one fluid motion. Repeat a few times to make sure it’s straight and repeat on all other sections.

Step Four Finish with a small amount of smoothing serum or spray for a polished look.

Check out this cool tutorial:

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