Going Platinum Blonde
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Going Platinum Blonde


‘Super-blonde hair like Kylie’s is very ‘now’ confirms Lisa Shepherd, international colour ambassador for Clynol and Schwarzkopf. ‘There are so many shades to choose from, like silver, chalk and icy-cool – just make sure you look after your locks to stop them turning to straw. Take the plunge with Lisa’s top tips.

  • Anyone can achieve this look, but not everyone can carry it off. You need attitude and enough money to have your roots retouched every three weeks, especially if your hair’s very dark.’
  • Pale skins beware – a platinum tone can wash you out, so you may have to rethink your makeup. If you’re not sure it’ll suit you, try it with a wig first – you could save yourself a lot of angst.
  • Make sure you get the right toner applied after your hair’s been lightened. Stick to cool tones – no yellow! I like a beige rose to neutralise any brassiness and make the colour look creamy.
  • Before you bleach, get your hair in top condition by treating it to an intensive mask once a week. Afterwards, use a silver pigment shampoo once a week to keep brassiness at bay.


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