ADVERTORIAL: Look Fabulous With FR!KA

ADVERTORIAL: Look Fabulous With FR!KA


FR!KA Hair is establishing itself as one of Africa’s top quality brands in a sea of hair choices for African women. FR!KA prides itself on being distinctly and uniquely African, making sure its products are made with the African woman in mind. Styles are originated, developed and rigorously tested at FR!KA’s Professional Training Salon in Cape Town.

Fresh off the design table and launching in stores all over South Africa now, are the Maxi Dread and the Lungie. The Maxi Dread is inspired by the popular ‘Soft Dread’, a braiding piece featuring a big, bouncy curl. The Lungie is a short, easy to maintain, sassy weave that, given its versatility, is bound to be popular in South Africa this summer. The beauty of this style is that it’s not only easy for your stylist to put in, it’s easy for you to wash and wear. ‘We call it our "Wake up and Go" style,’ says Barbara Kamanga, FR!KA’s Celebrity Stylist. ‘It was designed for the active, sports conscious woman that needs to be washing her hair a lot and doesn’t have a salon attached to the gym.’

FR!KA’s Gold range is currently under development. This range is for women that are looking for high performance human hair. Within this range, you will find the famous ‘Brazilian’ curl and ‘Remi’ human hair. ‘FR!KA’s commitment to quality comes first, hence why this is the first time the company will be pushing this range. We noticed that while there are many players pushing ‘Remi’, nobody has been able deliver a consistently high-quality product. We don’t want to disappoint our girls,’ says Barbara. ‘Besides,’ she adds, ‘good things are worth waiting for.’

FR!KA’s family of products include: BRANDi, FR!KA and FR!KA Gold (coming soon!).

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