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How You Can Exercise without Sweating out Your Edges

How You Can Exercise without Sweating out Your Edges

BEAUTY 'I Am Not Your Stereotype. I Am Not My Hair' – The Inspiring AF Video You NEED to Watch - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 27 February 2017 | 03:52pm

'My hair is not raising my children, nor does it

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Hello, blow-dry heaven!

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They're bold, brave and totally fierce – just the way we like them!

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Reverse washing is the latest hair trend you have to try.

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No, it does not get 'sexy' with the waxer.

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Pressed SNOOZE one too many times this morning…?

BEAUTY Heat Styling 101 … It’s Lit! - Zipho Ntloko | 08 November 2016 | 09:30am

Follow these basic heat protecting tips to avoid having deep-fried strands.

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Our beauty team reveals the reasons behind your fallouts.

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Another product to add to your summer-haircare routine.

BEAUTY The Top 10 Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2016 - COSMO | 20 September 2016 | 02:11pm


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Go big or go home...

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So easy to whip up, you can do it yourself.