Did You Know Lipsticks Make Great Colour-Correctors?

A beauty secret held by makeup gurus for years.

Colour-correcting has been a huge trend in 2016. Even better: it’s a simple and straightforward technique that, when done right, instantly banishes skin troubles like redness, dullness and dark under-eye circles, leaving you with a flawless and even-toned skin base that’s perfect for makeup application. So how did this colour-neutralising craze even begin?

It’s always been an untold beauty secret held by professional makeup gurus, but it was bloggers like Deepica Mutyala who brought the flaw-vanishing trick to light. Mutyala had actually demonstrated on her YouTube channel how red and orange lipsticks can double as colour-correcting concealers for dark circles. (Yep, we know… even more reasons to splurge on lippie: two in one!)

She published the video below in January last year and it’s already accumulated close to 10 million views. Insanity.

So why do lipsticks work well as colour-correctors?

Well the pigments in lipsticks are as equally heavy as the pigments found in colour-correcting concealers; also, lipsticks have creamy textures and finishes much like concealer products.

In terms of application, it’s pretty easy — just dab your peach, orange or red lipstick colour over your under-eye circles with a flat concealer brush (like MAC 195 Concealer Brush, R330) then layer on your foundation and skin-toned concealer as normal.

A few lipsticks to try for colour-correcting…

1 SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipstick in ‘Nude Beach’ (for fairer skin).



Peach-coloured lipsticks or concealers work best for light complexions when neutralising dark circles. Anything darker will show through your foundation, which you don’t want to happen.

You can buy this lipstick at Red Square for R280.

2 L’ORÉAL Color Riche Lipstick in ‘Cliche’ (for darker skin).

l'oreal paris


Orange and red lipsticks are best for medium to dark skin tones. Obviously the richer the skin colour, the richer the colour-correcting shade has to be.

You can buy this lipstick at Clicks for R169,95.

color correcting


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