According to Social Media, Chunky Highlights are Back. *Cringe*

Say it with stripes. Or don’t.

Trends, by their very nature, are things that come and go. Sometimes, when one is really great, they come around again, and some are left in the past where they belong (*ahem* over-plucked eyebrows). One fad, which was popular in the early-2000s but we NEVER thought would have a resurgence, are chunky highlights. And they are taking over social media.

Quem ama marcadinhas?? ❤️

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Colour Contrasting

One way that hair stylists are trying to downplay the chunky highlight is by calling it ‘high contrast colour,’ but don’t let the new name fool you. This unflattering style, which was loved by celebs from Kelly Clarkson to Jessica Simpson, is getting plenty of attention on Instagram at the moment. While it is usually people with darker hair getting lighter stripes of colour, other colours, like red, are also used. While highlights in general are still popular today, most of us like them to look more natural and less harsh. But not everyone plays by the rules.

Cause, we are bringing sexy back #chunkyhighlights #highlights #haircolor #hairstylist

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The Great Debate

As it is with everything online, the chunky-highlights revival is getting mixed reviews by the public. People on the Twittersphere have been really vocal about it, and there are people who either love or hate this old-but-new trend.

This trend might make us uncomfortable, but so did jelly shoes, so these stripes have the potential to grow on us. Unlikely, but possible.

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