5 Cleansing Mistakes You Have to Stop Making

Think you’re a cleansing pro? Think again!

Cleansing skin correctly is vital to an effective skincare routine. Applying skincare to properly cleansed skin will make your products work harder . Another benefit? Because your products can do their thing, you can use less of them – so your faves will last longer, and you’ll save randellas in the process. Think you’re a cleansing pro? Think again and keep scrolling…

1 You’re not cleansing morning and night
How often do you forgo that morning cleanse? An evening cleanse gets rid of daily buildup and grime, but the morning cleanse serves a very specific purpose: it preps your skin for daytime serums and moisturisers by sweeping away dead skin cells and stimulatins circulation for a healthy glow.

Sweep a micellar solution over skin in the mornings. Try Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (R79,95).

garnier micellar


2 You’re scrubbing too much
Just because you cleanse morning and night doesn’t mean you should be scrubbing twice a day. Overexfoliating (especially with an abrasive scrub) is a common mistake that can cause more sensitivity and irritation, leading to break-outs. Use a facecloth to gently remove cleanser from skin for a gentle exfoliating effect, then gently pat skin dry. Don’t rub!



3 You’re not washing your hands
It makes so much sense when you think about it: when you wash your face with clean hands, you’re not transferring dirt and bacteria to it.

4 You’re using water that’s too hot
We know what you’re thinking: hot water will open pores and get the muck out. This is not necessarily true. Water that’s too hot can lead to irritation and sensitivity. Use lukewarm water; it’ll easily get the job done.

5 You’re not using a cleansing device
Devices are especially handy if you live in the city. Pollution has a major impact on premature ageing and hyperpigmentation, and cleansing with a sonic brush will boost exfoliation and help keep pores clear. If you do suffer from acne or other serious skin conditions, approach with caution and rather stick to your fingertips.

The Foreo is my skin’s BFF. I also own a Clarasonic (available at Stuttafords), and I like to alternate between the two. I use them no more than three times a week to prevent overstimulation of skin.



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