5 Beauty Resolutions That You Won't Ditch by February

Love them or loathe them, the time for resolutions has arrived.

Love them or loathe them, the time for resolutions has arrived.

Unpopular opinion: kicking off the new year by being the fittest, healthiest, most fabulous yet namaste version of yourself is basically impossible. The Champagne has been flowing, the braai is still going and beach missions followed by ice cream mean that the squats and green juices don’t stand a chance. This is all totally okay – we have all of 2017 to turn into the powerful queens that we truly are. The trick is to make resolutions that can seamlessly slide into your day-to-day life, take max five minutes out of your schedule and – best of all – result in long-term beauty rewards.

Here’s how we’re upping our beauty game for 2017:

1 No makeup to bed. Ever.
And we mean it this time! Keep a box of wet wipes on your bedside table if you’re too wiped to do a proper cleansing routine. (We all have those days.)

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2 Master a hairstyle that looks killer at the gym
We’ve found the winning formula: wet hair + coconut oil = sleek top knot. Not only does it always look perfectly put together, it performs double-duty by deep-conditioning hair while you’re on the go.


3 Slather on the SPF
And not only on your face, but on your hands and neck as well. Make it part of your morning routine by applying it before you make coffee, giving it enough time to sink in before you apply makeup. Your future self will be forever grateful.

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4 Embrace your own beauty
We’re all about self-acceptance and love in 2017, and the results will last a lifetime. Forever stressing about stretchmarks? Dark undereye circles giving you grief? While there are tons of tips and tricks for any beauty dilemma (hey, that why we’re here), there’s also an unbeatable ease in celebrating yourself, ‘flaws’ and all.


5 Get the golden rule of beauty right
‘Drink more water,’ said every model/actress/beauty editor/person with great skin, ever. Interview anyone with an enviable beauty game and this tip is sure to pop up. We’re taking charge of our H20 intake by using thinly sliced pieces of cucumber and lemon to add interest.


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