3 Ways Argan Oil Can Save Your Hair

Argan oil is where it’s at

We all know how wonderful this miracle oil is, but how exactly do you use it to keep your hair in top condition??

Putting oil on your hair shouldn’t mean looking like you’re three days overdue for a wash. When applied the right way, it’ll leave you with shiny hair that looks, feels and is healthy. Whatever your hair complaint is, there’s an argan oil product for it.

You’ve got: Thin, fine and light-coloured hair

You want: Hair with a bit more life in it, please

You need to add some shine and moisture to it but don’t want to overload your fine hair with a heavy product. Try a specially formulated product, like Moroccanoil Treatment Light, which will detangle and hydrate your hair, and leave it looking super-sleek and shiny without weighing it down. Work two pumps of it through the bottom two-thirds of your hair (avoid adding oil to your roots) while your hair is damp, and squeeze another pump of it through your tips once your hair is dry.

You’ve got: Oily hair

You want: A little less moisture and a little more matt, thanks

If you’ve got oily hair, you’re probably thinking that the last thing you want is more oil anywhere near your scalp – but hear us out. This texturising clay contains argan oil so your hair gets nourished, but it’s actually got a mattifying effect. Run your fingertips through the clay, rub your hands together and scrunch the product through the bottom half of your hair to get that textured, beach-waves effect, while adding moisture (without the grease).

You’ve got: Dry or damaged hair

You want: A health injection, ASAP

Get into the habit of using your hair oil after every wash. Start by working three or four pumps into the bottom section of your hair (where you need moisture most) once you’ve combed your damp hair. Your hair will be frizz-free and soft, plus the Moroccanoil Treatment smells ah-mazing.?

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