All the Makeup Brushes You Need to Create a Flawless Festive Facebeat

These will keep your immaculate contours and highlights intact for hours.

A Christmas party facebeat is a pretty big deal. Typically, most holiday celebrations continue  until the wee hours of the morning, so you want your immaculate contours and highlights to stay intact. The best way to pull this off? Use the correct makeup tools.

What you need:

1 Foundation brush
Use a foundation brush to apply face makeup in medium strokes, similarly to the image below. Once you’ve applied the foundation shade/s, blend and soften the colour with a beauty sponge.



Below: MAC 132 Duo Fibre Foundation Brush

makeup brush


2 Beauty sponge
A beauty sponge will create an even and smooth finish that’s a lot more natural than the finish a foundation brush provides. Another great thing about beauty sponges is that they’re super-absorbent, so they’ll blot any excess product on the surface of skin, leaving you with a light and cake-free coverage.

Below: The Original Beautyblender

beauty blender


3 Concealer brush (for under eyes)
Fingertips are usually great to use but often they leave annoying prints over the undereye concealer. If you’re covering up blemishes and scars on your face, fingers are fine to use.

Below: SMASHBOX Precision Concealer Brush

concealer brush


4 Contour brush
You can’t contour cheeks with a powder brush or a blusher brush – honestly, don’t even bother because it won’t create the same effect. Most contour brushes are angled to allow you to mimic the natural, angular shape of cheekbones when applying contouring powder. A good brush to use is INGLOT Makeup Brush 3P.

contour brush


5 Fan brush
This is the best tool to use when applying powder highlighters to cheeks. It lightly dusts on shimmery pigment, creating soft but bold strobes that are buildable.

Below: CALA Fan Brush (available at Dis-Chem)

fan brush


6 Powder brush
Finish off with the obvious: a powder brush. Powder brushes are more practical than powder puffs – they grab onto powder products better, giving you better control over coverage.

Below: REAL TECHNIQUE Powder Brush

powder brush


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