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How to Take Your Selfie Game from Zero to Kim K in 20 Seconds

How to Take Your Selfie Game from Zero to Kim K in 20 Seconds

BEAUTY 5 Reasons to Love the Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer - COSMO | 11 January 2017 | 10:00am

See ya never sweaty, shiny summer skin!

BEAUTY The L’Oréal True Match Campaign Is Giving Us LIFE - Marieke Merts | 10 January 2017 | 03:15pm

L’Oréal deserves all of the applause emojis for this campaign!

BEAUTY 5 Beauty Resolutions That You Won't Ditch by February - Marieke Merts | 10 January 2017 | 11:29am

Love them or loathe them, the time for resolutions has arrived.

BEAUTY The Best Beauty Looks from the 2017 Golden Globes - COSMO | 09 January 2017 | 08:03pm

All the ✨.

BEAUTY 5 Cleansing Mistakes You Have to Stop Making - Juana Parathyras | 03 January 2017 | 08:00am

Think you're a cleansing pro? Think again!

BEAUTY How to Incorporate Oils in Your Skincare Routine – For EVERY Skin Type! - Joanna Mapondera | 02 January 2017 | 08:00am

Even those of us with oily skin can benefit from applying treatment oils.

BEAUTY Throwback to 2016's Most Entertaining Skincare Craze: Bubble Masks - Erin Carelse | 30 December 2016 | 08:00am

There's a new face mask trend on Insta, and it's got us bubbling with laughter.

BEAUTY 10 of the Best Celebrity Eyebrow Makeovers - Erin Carelse | 29 December 2016 | 09:00am

Great brows can change your face.

BEAUTY Reverse Washing: Have You Been Washing Your Hair All Wrong? - Erin Carelse | 28 December 2016 | 08:00am

Reverse washing is the latest hair trend you have to try.

BEAUTY Get a Full Glam Look on a Budget - Joanna Mapondera | 27 December 2016 | 09:00am

Impossible? Think again!

BEAUTY Is It Time to Chuck Your Old Makeup? - Erin Carelse | 26 December 2016 | 08:00am

Are you ready to clean out your beauty cupboard?

BEAUTY 8 Beauty Products You Should Get Your Bestie This Christmas - Zipho Ntloko | 24 December 2016 | 03:14pm

Clueless on what to buy your ride-or-die? We're here to help!