You Can Now Buy a Washing Machine for Your Makeup Brushes

Yes, an actual washing machine for brushes!

We appreciate technology and the advancements it’s made in the beauty industry, we really do – but is a washing machine for your makeup brushes really necessary?

When Lilumia previewed its new brush cleanser last week, there were a lot of ooohs and aaahs and heart-eye-emoji reactions. Yet among the positive responses were quite a few who weren’t entirely convinced or sold by the idea … and we kind of feel the same way :/

This is what the Lilumia Brush Cleanser does:

lilumia brush cleanser


It’s an egg-shaped cleanser that can wash up to ‘six brushes’ at a time, says Refinery29. Inside the machine is a little reservoir where the soapy water sits; when you press the ‘start’ button, the device engages its ‘rotating mechanism’, releasing soapy water onto brushes and ‘(removing) any harmful dirt and gunky makeup’ without causing damage to the bristles, according to Glamour.com.

It’s a pretty big deal, we won’t lie – but what some are skeptical about is how throughly and deeply this device will actually clean the brushes.

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lilumia brush cleaner


If you’re a makeup artist or have been a client to one, you probably know what an exhausting mission it is to wash makeup brushes, especially when you have a collection of more than a hundred. Deep-cleansing dirty brushes by hand is easily one of the worst parts of being a makeup artist: it’s boring and ridiculously time-consuming.

Who should buy it?
If you’re a serious makeup-brush collector, the Lilumia Brush Cleanser will probably be a worthwhile buy – it really is a great way to save time and energy. The only issue with it is whether it will clean your brushes effectively. When you wash them by hand, you’re able to get right into the bristles and get any dirt, bacteria or makeup pigments out of the hairs. The Lilumia, on the other hand, can’t do that.

So if you’re a makeup vlogger who only uses your collection on yourself, definitely invest in this. But if you’re an artist who uses the same brushes on different clients, stick to your usual deep-cleansing.

The Lilumia Brush Cleanser launches in August and will cost US$149 (about R1 850).

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