Leg-Shaving Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s get silky soft!

Don’t sabotage your chances of supreme silkiness and smoothness!

Here are a few common mistakes people make when shaving their pins – and now you can avoid them!

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Shaving first thing you jump in the shower

Shaving once being in the bath or shower for about 10 minutes makes for a better shave as the hairs have softened and the hair follicles have opened up.

Shaving upwards – and then downwards

You should always start by shaving downwards as this is the direction leg hairs grow. Only then should you try shaving ‘against the grain’ for a closer shave – but if you do, know that it increases the chances of skin irritation, nicks and cuts. If you have really sensitive skin, avoid shaving upwards completely.

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Dry shaving

Always lather up with  moisturising  shaving foam for your razor to glide over the skin effectively and avoid nicks and cuts.

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Not replacing your razor blade often enough

Change your blades when they start to look dull – that’s usually after 10 shaves or so. Old blades are ineffective and can cause redness and bumps from trapped bacteria.


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