Get These Runway Beauty Looks with Revlon's Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

Lip gloss is making a comeback!

This year is all about the return of old-school, semi-unusual beauty looks. One trend that’s making a surprising return is lip gloss – a product that’s generated a great deal of haters in the past. Why? Common complaints are usually about the heavy feel or lack of vivid colour; and let’s not forget what a nightmare waxy lip gloss is on a hot, humid day.

Thanks to glosses such as Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer, these issues are now in the past.

Why are we obsessed with these?

revlon ultra hd gloss


  • They’re wax-free
  • They provide ‘true colour clarity
  • They provide gorgeous shine
  • They’re super-lightweight
  • They have the perfect brush applicator, which allows more precise colour application.

Bright lips and toned-down eyes are the trend of the season. We show you how to style the look with some of our favourite Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer shades.

Get the look

orange lip gloss


Try: Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Citrine

revlon hd lipgloss


Pair this with neutral lids and strong brows. Fill in brows with Essence How To Make Brows Wow Makeup-Up Box and a dark-brown MAC eye shadow.

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red lip gloss runway


Try: Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Carnelian

revlon hd lip gloss


It’s a little darker but it’s a great alternative. For an evening look, apply a highlighting eye-shadow shade below your lower lash line and in the inner corners of eyes, making sure to fade the colour out to the rest of your lids. Finish with fake eyelashes.

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red lip gloss runway


Try: Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Fire Opal

revlon hd lip gloss red


A gorgeous shade for girls with fair skin. Pair this with a sleeked-back hairdo, matte eye shadow and gel liner along the upper lash line. This is a statement colour so it’s important to keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Get the look

nude lip gloss


Try: Revlon’s Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Smoky Topaz

revlon lip gloss nude


Nude lips are always a win. Wear this pink-tinted gloss with a gold, highlighting shade on eyes and some light cheek-contouring.

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